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Organizational Structure and Branch Number

District Chief Office 6852204 ext. 201,202

Chief Secretary ext. 203

Secretary ext. 204

Supervisor ext. 204

Administration Section Tel: 6831404 ext. 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216
In charge of document management, general administration, property management, management of janitorial staff and temporary workers, management of office real estate, procurement, cashier work, finances and taxation, official signature stamps, files, legal and arbitrary administration, state compensation, research and development, public relations, information management, administrative reform, resident services and other services not delegated to other offices.

Civil Affairs and Cultures Section Tel: 6854314, ext. 241, 242, 243,244,245,246,247,248,249,281
In charge of self-governing administration, election, administration of communities, administration of indigenous and Hakka affairs, conscription administration, rites and religions, civil guard, emergency rescue, land administration, environmental health, management of funeral services, management of community centers and other civil affairs. In charge of the promotion of population policies, consultation services for migrants, festivities, historic relics and documents, education and culture, development of sports, culture and arts and community culture, tourism promotion, management of libraries, maintenance of cultural sites, lifelong learning and other culture-related affairs.

Social Service Section Tel: 6853314, ext. 261, 262,263,264
In charge of social affairs administration, social aid, social welfare, community development, medical care and aid, emergency aid, aid to medium and low income families, National Health Insurance, non-governmental organizations, homeless shelters, community care centers, charities, placement of single elderly persons and victims of disasters, labor administration, employment placement services and other social affairs-related services.

Agriculture and Construction Section  Tel: 6831405,6831406, ext. 251, 252, 253,254,255,256,257,258,259
In charge of industries, commerce, public utilities, public businesses, fair trade, consumer protection, measurement standards, civil engineering, road maintenance, hydraulic engineering, infrastructure, sewer system engineering, illegal structure administration, small drainage systems, building management, parks and road lamps management, city planning, city renewal, planning of non-urban lands, traffic management and other infrastructure-related affairs. In charge of agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry, promotion of agricultural policies, management of agricultural chemicals, agriculture surveys, animal inoculation, animal protection, animal husbandry administration, environmental conservation, water and soil conservation, agricultural service roads improvement, hill land protection and other agriculture-related affairs.

Personnel Office Tel: 6831403, ext. 271, 272
In charge of personnel-related affairs.

Accounting Office Tel: 6830345, ext. 231, 232
In charge of annual budget, accounting and statistics.

Civil Service Ethics Office Tel: 6851154, ext. 221
In charge of civil service ethics-related affairs.