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Traffic Information

  1. Southbound travelers from Freeway No. 1 should get off Shuishang Interchange, and follow Taiwan Provincial Highway 1 to Jiadong Intersection (next to Xianjigongpai Tower), and turn left towards Liantan.
  2. Northbound travelers on Freeway No. 1 should get off at Xinying Interchange (turn left towards Changrong Road at the gas station), and follow Taiwan Provincial Highway 1, heading north to connect to South 172 to enter Baihe District, or go straight till Houbi Train Stration and turn left to connect to South 172A to enter Baihe District.
  3. From southern Provincial Highway No. 2, get off at Baihe Interchange, and turn into 172 towards Guanziling. Turn left at South 93 towards Zhumen Green Tunnel to reach the Lily Viewing area.
  4. From Nanzi, head towards Zengwen Reservoir along the tourist road towards the Heng road until Nanliao Fu‐an Temple, and head towards the Guanziling hot springs area to enter Baihe District.
  5. From Chiayi City area, follow Wufeng South Road (Alishan route) or Minsheng South Road to enter Baihe District.
  6. Southbound cars should follow Freeway No. 1 or Provincial Highway No. 2, passing through 82 Expressway, and turn into 165 to enter Baihe District.