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District Chief:Hsiao Fu-ching

The District Chief

Address of Baihe District Office: No. 381, Sanmin Rd., Baihe Dist., Tainan City
Tel: (06) 6855102-4
District Chief: Hsiao Fu-ching
Dedicated Line: (06) 6852204


Words from the District Chief

Dear friends and family:

First, I would like to say that I am grateful to have been born in Baihe. My hometown is a beautiful place which nurtured numerous elites. The mountains, landmarks, lotus scents, hot springs, reservoirs, ponds, gourmets and so on—we have everything to boast about. Coming to Baihe, you are coming to a treasure mountain. We have the best feasts for your body and soul. Endowed with natural treasures, Baihe is a virgin land waiting for you to explore, but it also needs tender care.

In our plan to develop tourism, we set out to educate the residents and plan routes and facilities to link our abundant green spots and recreational destinations, as well as creating new scenic areas. Our development projects include the Lotus Park, Linchu Reservoir, Jiangjun Reservoir and Little Nanhai Water Park. The unique charm of the ponds will keep you lingering in a cheerful mood. Other projects such as the Guanziling Scenic Area, Zhengtoushan Scenic Park, Siraya Scenic Area, and the coming Hot-spring Old Street, suspension bridge and Red Leaf Park will greatly boost tourism in the Baihe area.

In addition to the enchanting lotus flowers, Bathe invites you to enjoy a relaxing holiday in our old mansions, historic landmarks, hot destinations and the one and only mud hot spring in Guanziling.

Come for an educational trip or a relaxing holiday. Experience the hard work of lotus farmers and get immersed in the sea of yellow mustard flowers in spring. Drench yourself in the lotus scented breezes in summer. Dance with fireflies and butterflies and take in the beautiful views of Tainan from Dadongshan, Tainan's highest peak, in autumn. Soak in our hot springs, dig lotus roots, roast your own sweet potatoes, taste Nanliao's mandarins and cruise in the refreshing air of this lotus country in winter. Don't forget, my friends, this lotus country is waiting for you all year round.
Call your friends and hop on a train today.

Best wishes,
Hsiao Fu-ching
District Chief of Baihe